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One night when I was 11, my brother and his friend DJ let me sit in the room while they made prank phone calls. DJ opened the newspaper and called up someone who was selling their car. He asked, "Does your car have a sunroof? Because I'm rather tall." I've been chasing that high ever since.

Social Media

I love to make extremely dumb videos like this one on Instagram and TikTok. I like to think that I'm doing what Academy Award winner Dustin Hoffman calls "engaging with the craft of acting." 

Check out my series Steak Saturday, or my character Brandyn $harktrash.

The Restaurant

I helped create this fun web series called The Restaurant. In it, I fulfill my lifelong dream: to be a waiter. You can see the whole series here. 

Grand Crew

I am 1/4 of the sketch team Grand Crew. We've performed on stages like Steppenwolf, but also in living rooms, so don't get ahead of yourself. We did this fun ad--and for more, click here. 

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