Una Mensaje

Recently I experienced something that every actor experiences. The experience was, I booked a part on a huge commercial. Like, Super Bowl huge. And then waited and waited to see this sucker air, and when it did, it was like, "Hold up. Are my eyes deceiving me? Did I blink? Where did I go?"

We all end up on the cutting room floor at some point.

Recently a friend wrote "the universe gives you the gifts you need" on a sticky nametag, and then stuck that nametag on my forehead. Woah, right? Anyway, the day after I found out I'd been cut from the big spot, I saw this gorgeous commercial that I got to work on. Two days, all in slo-mo, all steadicam. It was such an awesome experience and the timing was a gift from the universe, reminding me to not be a whiny weiner and focus on the fact that I have probably the best job in the whole dumb world.

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