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The Restaurant: Episode 5

I help create a weekly web series called "The Restaurant. 

The Restaurant: Episode 2

The Restaurant: Episode 1

The full series can be found at

Obselite Cologne...

Not for the easily seduced.

Sears: Mooch

I got to pretend to know anything about yard tools.

Sargento: Perfectly Paired

Catch me cheesin' it in this one. Bite & smile!

Kyocera "Hydro"

My only regret is not meeting Bear Grylls. 


Illinois Lottery: Loteria
For two sunny days in Pilsen, I was.... el suertudo. 

Amazon Kenmore: "Dan"

I'm more of a dog lover, but hey, that's acting. 

MOTO X: "Always Ready"

The MOST comfortable shoot. 

CSx: Nature's Fireworks

With incredible luck, my first commercial booking in Chicago was a national commercial shot by Tony Kaye (American History X.)

Thompson Hotels

This one was for Instagram.

Southwest Airlines: Breath Free

I was lucky to work on this beautiful ad. 

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